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RE: [IP] weird emails & VIRUSES

On 22 Apr 2003 at 13:09, Jeff Kramer <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I decoded these messages on a test system they are not virus they  2
> contain html code "are web pages" and one is a picture. None the less
> it could have been a virus in the form of java script or another code
> that some email readers process automatically or I believe even a
> fully executable file but I'm not sure on that. It is never a good
> idea to decode or open any file through email unless you know what it
> is. 

 More than likely, they WERE viruses with some benign code included when they
 at IP. The IP Mail System's DeMime program removed those parts which were NOT
 benign and let the parts through which everyone received. Take my word for it,
would NOT want what DeMime removed and what it did let through is of NO THREAT 
 and probably of little interest to anyone. We do protect you in what you
receive from the
 IP Lists. We CANNOT protect you from what you receive directly from another
 You MUST use Anti-Virus software and you MUST keep it updated at least weekly.
And it
MUST be running ALL of the time.

> -----Original Message-----
> I am one who tried to unscramble, succeeded at some.  They were
> genuine list posts. Am I infected??? Please let me know.  Thanks for
> tip. Linda
> >  if you decode it and
> > it is a virus you can be infected.

George Lovelace
IP Mail Administrator
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