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[IP] long but funny- two gimps

My wife and I are considering roles in our own sit-com.

I was scheduled last Monday to have arthroscopic surgery on a torn labrum in
my shoulder. I messed it up two years ago when i fell while backpacking and
since it was only getting worse, had finally decided to get it fixed. Of
course, it took some communicating between surgeon and endo to allow the pump
to be present..........

My doctors office told us to be at the Surgicenter at 6:00 am for 7:30
surgery. When the Surgicenter called, they said be there at 5:30! My wife was
not too happy about the earlier hour. I checked my bs at bedtime, it was fine,
and of course, I couldnt eat or drink anything after midnight.

That old devil diabetes was up to his old tricks. At 2:30, my wife found me
stumbling around in the bathroom, low and incoherent. I was 46. Her question
was- how do I treat a low for someone who isnt supposed to eat or drink short
of calling 911 or injecting glucagon?

In her confusion, she ran downstairs to get the ER phone number and in the
dark, missed the last two steps, badly spraining her ankle. After calling, she
hobbled back upstairs and gave me some juice. I gradually returned to reality
to find her laying on the bed with a package of frozen veggies covering a
baseball size knot on her ankle.

We ended up at emergency at 4:30 which was conveniently next-door to the
Surgicenter. After an x-ray, they determined is was a sprain not a break and
by 5:30, I walked over to have surgery. My orthopedic surgeon got the x-rays
from next-door and confirmed a bad sprain.

By tuesday, I was in a sling and she was on crutches. A very funny friend of
ours dubbed us Sling and Crutch. On Saturday, our 19 year old, who works at
an oil change place, got a big knot on his shin when a piece of machinery shot
apart and struck him. By Saturday evening, we got to church looking like a
trainwreck. One limping, one on crutches, and me, in a sling, heavily
medicated. The pastor asked our 14 year old if he was driving the car when we
had the accident.

Never a dull moment. Interestingly, they connected a pain pump to my
shoulder. It was like a huge syringe that slowly injected Marcaine over the
first two days post-op through a tube into one of the incisions.
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