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[IP] Re: low carb diet???? anyone doing this

>I don't think this would work for a T1 without a pump because 
>generally a T1 would be using a long acting insulin and a short one. 
>When the long one peaks, they might run into trouble with lows. 

 As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm a fairly long-term low-carber -- I'll
been eating LC for 3 years in June.  I got my pump a year ago, so I did do 
low-carb with injections for almost the first two years.  It can be done!  As 
with (probably) any eating regimen, the pump is an enormous help, and I'm 
so glad I have it -- my sugars are MUCH better since starting the pump 
than they were pre-pump.  However, even my sugars on LC/injections were 
a lot better than my sugars on high-carb/injections!  

True, whether you're on a pump or injections, there are going to be times 
when you have a low blood sugar, and these of course have to be treated 
with sugar (and I had a lot more lows with injections than I do with my 
pump!)  But, if "hypo treatments" are the ONLY carby foods you're eating, 
your total carb count is probably still going to stay pretty low.

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