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Re: [IP] Eye Dr.'s--Differing Opinions

> Help!  I had to start with a new Ophthalmologist after using the same
> for many years.  The former doctor did laser twice on my left eye (no more
> than 200 blasts) to seal off some leaks.  He said I do not show signs of
> Proliferative retinopathy.
> The new doctor (and these visits are only three months apart) says I have
> Proliferative retinopathy in the other eye and need 1500 blasts--scatter
> done.
> Can this happen in three months time?

Can you get a third opinion?  Hopefully from a doctor not affiliated with
either of the first two?  Perhaps a majority opinion would help.

I know NOTHING about how fast proliferative retinopathy takes to occur, but
my guess is that it would be unlikely to happen that fast -- if this were
the case, we would be urged to have our eyes checked once every two or three
months, not once a year or so.

I hope you get some answers about this soon, so that you know what to
believe about your eye.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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