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Re: [IP] weird emails

> The IP servers
> strip out all attachments so there is no risk of getting a virus from
> IP  but that does not mean that you are not vulnerable outside of IP..  I
> strongly suggest you keep your Virus software up to date.

Even though there may not be a risk from the list itself, anyone who has
your address in their address book could send a virus to us, so we are ALL
vulnerable.  I know I personally have several addresses in my address book
from IP people.  And in the last couple of days, along with the weird ones
people are talking about, I've gotten two viruses.  Fortunately, I've got
good Anti-virus software letting me know what is going on.

One sender was listed as "ip."  I'm guessing this was something related to
the virus itself, masquerading as a different sender possibly?  Had I been
thinking, I would have looked more closely at what the actual email address
of that sender was.  I did not.

If you don't have good Anti-virus software, well, avoid opening attachments,
particularly unsolicited ones.  Somebody is trying to infect the rest of us!

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