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[IP] Re: low carb diet???? anyone doing this

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 11:31:53 EDT
 email @ redacted writes:

>talked to my doctor yesterday about the atkins diet, she said it would not be 
>good for a type 1, on the pump.  i was thinking of a modified version.
>anyone out there doing this diet? i would love some help.  my basal is  33.6 
>and i am 1u to 8 carbs. total for the day  50/55. my goal will be 50 pounds. 
i> hope someone out there can help, looking forward to hearing from you.
>thanks...........stacy b

 I have been doing Atkins since the beginning of Feb. I am T1 since Feb, 1955. I
have been pumping on a MM 508 since October, 2000. I have dropped weight. My
blood sugars are great. I haven't had lows.

 My Doctor was leary of it, but I went ahead and am glad I did. My husband (very
much larger than I am, and not diabetic) lost about 20 pounds on this diet, and
the same time I was dieting.

 You have to count carbs anyway. So it's just a matter of being sure your basals
are correct. You may not have to bolus for meals.

 The beginning (Induction phase) allows 20gm of carbs per day. Later, that
increases. You need to drink lots of water.

 The best way to approach it is to read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. The web
site is: http://atkinscenter.com/indexmain.html

 I don't think this would work for a T1 without a pump because generally a T1
would be using a long acting insulin and a short one. When the long one peaks,
they might run into trouble with lows.

Good luck,
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