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RE: [IP] low carb diet???? anyone doing this

Wayne [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> It's actually considerably more complicated that this.  What you say 
> is true if the body were 100% efficient in using everything one eats. 

The chemistry maybe, but not the effect on weight loss.  For weight loss, it
really is pretty simple - expend more calories than you consume.

> But that is not real life.   When you eat more it is well known that 
> you also burn more, a process known as DIT, diet induced 
> thermogenesis.  

What is the research documentation for this process?

>    And another important factor is the role of insulin on fat cell 
> metabolism.  This is what got Atkins started way back in the 1970s. 

And which Atkins never did document by research.  One wonders why.

> People on his diet do lose weight even when they eat a lot of protein 
> and fat, as long as they keep their carb intake low. 

This part has been well documented: people lose weight because they reduce
the number of calories, and protein digestion releases a great deal of
water, which makes up a significant portion of the weight loss from the
Atkins diet.

> And even more 
> surprising was a presentation at the November, 2002 American Heart 
> Association meeting, which showed that people on the Atkins diet with 
> unlimited fat intake had as good blood lipids as those on the AHA 
> diet.  The AHA was so worried about that abstract that they had to 
> issue a statement saying that this was only one paper, and that the 
> AHA did not approve of the Atkins diet.

You're overlooking that the long term effects of high protein diets on
kidneys, overall muscle loss (including the potential of heart muscle
reduction) has not been studied.  And, in the long run, people do not stick
to such limited diets, and when they return to previous eating patterns, the
weight comes back on.  A well balanced diet may be much more varied and
therefore remain interesting.

>   Bottom line is that carbs play a big role by affecting 
> blood insulin levels.

What is the difference between insulin levels and blood insulin levels?  It
is the blood, after all, that moves insulin to the muscle cells where it
works.  For most of us, it's the programming of our pumps that controls
blood insulin levels.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted
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