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I got a call from Disetronic today just confirming my mailing address they 
going to send a new D-tron plus should get it in a couple of weeks I was so
amazed that I didn't ask ANY questions like will my stock pile of batteries,
adapters, etc work in the PLUS it looks the same. and why are they doing this
is there a problem with my D-tron?
Just wondering

Hi Gary, I don't have a D-tron, but from this is what I have read: 
In a letter dated February 10, 2003, Disetronic Medical Systems issued a 
recall of all D-TRON insulin pumps because of a potential problem that could 
lead to an unintended bolus of insulin. The D-TRON pumps will be replaced 
with the D-TRONplus pump. D-TRON users are instructed to stop using the 
standard bolus function immediately, and to use the scroll bolus function 
instead. Instructions on how to use the scroll bolus function are included in 
the recall notice mailed to all D-TRON users, and are also in the D-TRON 
user's manual. By following these instructions, D-TRON users can safely use 
their pump until it is replaced with the D-TRONplus, which is expected to 
happen no later than April 30, 2003. This information applies only to D-TRON 
users in the Unites States, who can call 1-800-688-4578 if they have any 
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