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Re: [IP] low carb diet???? anyone doing this

Now that the good weather is here it looks like some of us are trying to get
serious about losing weight.  I've got 30 lbs to get rid of.

Less insulin and low carb seems to be the way to go to keep good blood sugar
control.  BUT.... it seems EVERYTHING tasty has carbs.  I seem to be insulin
resistant and lately if I even look at a carb it turns to fat.  I'm even
exercising more too.  Frustrating indeed.

Perhaps we should figure out some way to support one another without taking
up e-mail space on the IP list.  Any good ideas about this?  As the old
saying goes "misery loves company" <GRIN>

Does anyone know the formula for figuring out how many carbs are recommended
to lose weight?

Best wishes to all with the same struggle.

Shirley (NJ)
email @ redacted>
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