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Re: [IP] The Chocolate Food Group

When I was first diagnosed, a pound of chocolate last me ... about 2 days.
The doctor told me I had sugar in my urine & I told him of course I do, he
should see my diet. He then told me you should never have sugar in your
urine & welcome to diabetes.
I was told by the hospital that brought me back down from 635 that night
that I couldn't eat sugar. I remember thinking I am going to die. This is my
main food group. Chocolate & mountain dew. Healthy no ... but I've weighed
145 for the last 13 years. Why not continue?
I talked with several more doctors that told me moderation in all things &
welcome to carb counting. Eat good stuff & give shots / bolus as needed.
This I have done for the last 3 years, chocolate & dew isn't good but the
rest of what I eat is. My HBA1C's have been good. Got a 6.9 once ... wasn't
real thrilled about that but I guess its okay.
The only downside is when things are stressful & crazy at work I have a
tendency to bounce up & down alot. My doctor blames it on my snacking. I
tried the CGMS & yep up & down all day. 2 hours after I bolus I am within
the good range though.
I still have people bug me about it though. Just bought 3 bags of candy for
easter eggs Sat evening. Had to refill my insulin perscription too. Just
paid for both at the target pharmacy counter & was asked in a rather rude
tone of voice "These aren't for you now are they?" I answered um ... of
course they are & that was that. Was 80-120 all weekend long.
Happy Chocolate or I mean Easter :)

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