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[IP] post-college health insurance, help?!

My name is Kelby. I am 25, dx'd in 2000, and pumping since 2001 with

I found that even in graduate school, no insurance will carry you because
you have a preexisting condition. What you need to do is in your state, find
out about their Risk Pool insurance. It is illegal for you not to have
insurance.. I know the risk pool exists in California and Mississippi as
well as many other states. What you do is you have to get 'denied' by a
insurance agent, then they refer you to the risk pool. I am in a risk pool
now, since I am in graduate school, and I pay almost $300/month. The
benefits aren't the worst I could have, so I am grateful-- especially since
I only have to pay 20% after my deductible was met. 

Good Luck, 
I know when I went looking for insurance after I was booted off my mom's, I
cried a lot, because I couldn't find anyone that would help take the
financial burden off me. The Risk Pool Association really helped. I think I
even went to yahoo or hotbot.com or something and typed in medical risk


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