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[IP] Body Electrical Fields

Blank> My response is:  I didn't know Matrix was a documentary.


Where have you BEEN? I was abducted by aliens. Of course they were my
family. Since I am an alien I know all about these weird electric fields
(what the HELL is an electric "field" anyway?) but I am sure they are
related to chocolate.

If it were not for chocolate I would be skinny and malnourished. That is
only ONE of the characteristics of being an extraterrestrial.

What I wonder is: when is the FDA going to make a "new" food pyramid? It
used to be carrots, cake and castor oil. Last I heard there were FOUR food
groups -- Salt, fat, preservatives and sugar. Obviously chocolate is a
combination of one or two of those, but I think it should have it's own
group -- just out of respect!

Nick Trubov
and all the little Trubovs
Lorree, Eupie & Corbin
email @ redacted
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