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Re: [IP] Eye Dr.'s--Differing Opinions

     Three months have passed between exams. Things happen. The latest 
pictures ( I assume that angiograms were taken) are the ones to be concerned
about. It would be nice if you could get the new pictures to another retina
doc for an opinion. Maybe doc#2 has a partner or just ask if this diagnosis
could be explained to you by using the pictures. You have a reasonable
concern that should be addressed. You will be in a better position if you
read a few patient centered articles about photocoagulation laser surgery on
the net.   Peter

> Help!  I had to start with a new Ophthalmologist after using the same doctor
> for many years.  The former doctor did laser twice on my left eye (no more
> than 200 blasts) to seal off some leaks.  He said I do not show signs of
> Proliferative retinopathy.
> The new doctor (and these visits are only three months apart) says I have
 > Proliferative retinopathy in the other eye and need 1500 blasts--scatter
> done.
> Can this happen in three months time?  He was totally unconcerned about the
> other eye, and said the minor laser had taken care of the problem.  But my
> "good" eye, which has never bled severely is the one he says has new growths
> on it.
> How can I have two entirely different opinions from these guys? does anyone
> know how fast those vessels even grow?
> I frankly trust my former doctor much much more because he has done very
> successful surgery on other family members, including my type I sister.
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