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Re: [IP] Chique Chickster

the link told me the same, I just went to whats new, and there it was

 The link told me that catalog item couldn't be found.  Any suggestions?
Sounds like a wonderful idea.  Especially with girls that have birthdays
coming up and a mom who always has trouble deciding what to get them!
*grin*  Thanks.

Lisa, Type 1 pumping with Paradigm
and mom of two type 1 daughters
 5 y/o pumping with Cozmo

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From: "A. Kelsey Metcalf" <email @ redacted>
> For all you gals out there.....and okay - maybe Chris too:
> I was shopping online at sephora and found a new item from Benefit
> If you're unfamiliar with Benefit, they just have a very neat line of
> cosmetics and bath and body products that are packaged, sold, and marketed
> a very fun way.  Well, their newest addition to their product line is the
> "Chickster" which is an adorable "garter" that has a pocket to hold credit
> cards, keys, money, lipstick, etc. when you're dressed up and out on the
> I eyed that pocket for a while and finally decided to order it and try it
> I was REALLY excited to find that the pocket holds my paradigm
beautifully -
> like a glove.  So now I have something a lot more aesthetically pleasing
> the "thigh thing" to wear my pump in when I'm dressed up or even sleeping.
> might even be considered sexy by some of those really understanding
> and boyfriends out there.
> Sooooooo, I just had to share.  If you would like to see the chickster,
> here:
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