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[IP] U500 now approved for sale in US

Hi all,

Those of you who consume massive quantities of insulin might be 
interested to know that on Friday (April 18, 2003), the Food and Drug 
Administration approved the following for sale in the US:

Humulin R (human insulin [rDNA origin] injection) U-500, Eli Lilly and 

There is a notation on the FDA website where I found this, suggesting 
that it is available only by prescription.  This FDA website lists all 
drug approvals since 1998: http://www.fda.gov/cder/approval/index.htm

Until Friday, I believe that all insulin sold in the US was of U100 
strength - meaning all insulins were at the same concentration of 100 
units per cc (a.k.a. 100 units per mL).    This one is five times more 
concentrated.  Unfortunately, it's "regular" and therefore a 
longer-acting insulin than optimal for pump use (and I don't know 
whether it has been approved for pump use anyway), but if you are 
burning through so much insulin that you have to change your pump 
cartridges more than once a day, you might talk to your endo about it.

Caveat here: the fact that the FDA has approved this for sale only 
means that Lilly can now legally sell this drug; it doesn't necessarily 
mean that Lilly has already shipped it to your pharmacist.   Lilly 
hasn't put this on their website yet, so I take that to mean that 
they're not terribly excited about this product......

  - who dilutes Sigrid's insulin to U25 (but at least we *can* do 
something about the concentration in this direction; I really feel for 
y'all at the other end of the spectrum).
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