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[IP] Re: shingles and diabetes

I had shingles about 5 years ago.  I was working in a very stress related job 
and due to that I developed shingles.  They are extremely painful and the 
pain can actually last for months or even years.  My leg still has a pain to 
it when touched.  They are caused by the same virus which causes chicken pox. 
 You could have contracted them by unknowingly being in contact with someone 
who had the chicken pox.  The valtrex is to help stymie the outbreak of them. 
 My dermatologist did not say whether they were related to diabetes in any 
way.  My brother had them when he was about 6 years old--he had chicken pox 
at a very young age.  My mom had them at 67 and my mother-in-law had them at 
age 60. An old wives tale said if they went all the way around your body, you 
would die!!!  My grandmother told my mom that when my brother had them!!!  
Yes, it scared the pee-waddling out of her!Debbie and maggie IP 
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