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[IP] Chique Chickster

For all you gals out there.....and okay - maybe Chris too:

I was shopping online at sephora and found a new item from Benefit Cosmetics.
If you're unfamiliar with Benefit, they just have a very neat line of unusual
cosmetics and bath and body products that are packaged, sold, and marketed in
a very fun way.  Well, their newest addition to their product line is the
"Chickster" which is an adorable "garter" that has a pocket to hold credit
cards, keys, money, lipstick, etc. when you're dressed up and out on the town.
I eyed that pocket for a while and finally decided to order it and try it out.
I was REALLY excited to find that the pocket holds my paradigm beautifully -
like a glove.  So now I have something a lot more aesthetically pleasing than
the "thigh thing" to wear my pump in when I'm dressed up or even sleeping.  It
might even be considered sexy by some of those really understanding husbands
and boyfriends out there.

Sooooooo, I just had to share.  If you would like to see the chickster, click
roduct&category%5Fname=What%27s+New&product%5Fid=593&Page=1.  I bought mine at
sephora.com for the same price - I don't know that it's any cheaper anywhere
else as it's very new.


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diabetic 21+ years, pumping since 10/01
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