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Re: [IP] Lab Tests

If I'm fasting for a lipid profile and need to correct a low blood sugar,
I'll use something sugary that I'm 100% sure contains no fat.

I asked the blood tech once why they want it fasting and asked if simple
sugars would affect the test and they told me no.   I don't think they
trust people to be aware of the nutritional info in the foods they eat, so
to keep them from eating fats or other things that would affect results they
tell you not to eat anything. So fasting is a blanket solution to the problem.

If someone knows that sugars affect cholesterol, please correct my point of

--- tami6410 <email @ redacted> wrote:
> In my experience I have had 2 different things happen, I will dring OJ and
> bring my b/s back up to normal and go to the lab, once they proceeded even
> though I had drank the OJ and another time they sent me home and told me to
> come back the next day.
> Phone the lab and ask them what to do if that happens.
> Tami in Tucson
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