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Re: [IP] Lab Tests

> I was just wondering, I have to go have lab work done in a few days. My
> ordered a cholesterol test, so that means fasting for at least eight
> What happens if my bg is low before I go have my lab drawn? It doesn't
> happen too often, but it will occasionally. It'll be my luck, that would
> the day for a low to happen. Any ideas, I'd appreciate. The day set for
lab is
> Wednesday. Thanks!
>                          Jamie


Have you ever  tested your basal rate.  If that is in good order then you
shouldn't have any problems.

Your other option would be to set a  temporary basal that is lower than what
you are now taking.

If a low happens, a low happens.  Treat the low and reschedule in that case.

Good luck with you tests!


PS.  I study for all my blood tests!
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