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Re: [IP] basals and insulin peak times


  Don you have the book, PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh, 3rd edition?  He 
talks about this very thing.  In there he states that the average 'rule' is 
that you are dealing with a window of between 90-180 minutes before the basal 
insulin starts to actually affect your BG.  So, if you are having trouble 
with BGs at 5:30 AM try correcting your 3:30AM basal.  For Joshua I just use 
a TWO hour window, to round things out, and do the adjustments that way.  It 
has worked for us.

If you don't have the above mentioned book and are thinking about getting a 
copy, PLEASE, order it through this list's book page which will put you at 
Amazon, and Amazon will give this list a much needed donation at the end of 
each month that this link is used!!

mom to Joshua
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