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Re: [IP] Found on another diabetic list -- a cure around the corner?

    Not to burst your bubble, but I think that mice are a far cry from
anything they might be able to do with humans.  After all, they were able to
clone mice, yet not people.  But I do agree that it's certainly a "proof of
principle" as stated below.  My best to all.

Lisa, Type 1 pumping with Paradigm
and mom of two type 1 daughters
 5 y/o pumping with Cozmo

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From: "C. Jones" <email @ redacted>
> Hopes for diabetics were raised
> yesterday after scientists announced
> they had cured mice of the disease.
>    Reasearchers used gene therapy to
> enable the livers of the efected
> mice to generate insulin.
>    Insulin is the hormone which
> limit blood sugar levels and helps
> glucose enter cells to fuel them.
>    Diabetes occurs when the body
> does not produce enough insulin or
> it does not respond to the hormone
> normally.
>    In the tests, a virus was used to
> carry a gene in the mouse liver
> cells which made them into insulin
> generating cells.
>    The gene partially corrected the
> condition but when a chemical was
> introduced to encourage growth in
> the cells, the mice were completely
> cured for four months.
>    Professor lawrence Chan, of the
> Baylor College of Medicine in
> Huston, Texas, said:"It's a proof of
> principle."
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> DAILY MIRROR (UK). April 21, 2003.
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