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[IP] Found on another diabetic list -- a cure around the corner?

Hopes for diabetics were raised
yesterday after scientists announced
they had cured mice of the disease.
   Reasearchers used gene therapy to
enable the livers of the efected
mice to generate insulin.
   Insulin is the hormone which
limit blood sugar levels and helps
glucose enter cells to fuel them.
   Diabetes occurs when the body
does not produce enough insulin or
it does not respond to the hormone
   In the tests, a virus was used to
carry a gene in the mouse liver
cells which made them into insulin
generating cells.
   The gene partially corrected the
condition but when a chemical was
introduced to encourage growth in
the cells, the mice were completely
cured for four months.
   Professor lawrence Chan, of the
Baylor College of Medicine in
Huston, Texas, said:"It's a proof of
DAILY MIRROR (UK). April 21, 2003.
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