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Re: [IP] Lab Tests


Just a thought, when I had to fast after midnight for abdominal surgery last 
year I set an alarm for 3 am and tested my blood.  Because it was around 70, 
a little lower than I wanted it to be going into surgery I set a lower 
temporary basal for two hours.  I do not remember how much lower I made the 
basal (a good thing to talk to your doctor or CDE about), but my blood sugar 
was about 130 when I woke up at 6 am.  

It was the first time I had ever gotten out of surgery and was not nauseated. 
 I figured that the three or so glucose tabs I would usually have eaten 
started the saliva working and I would go into surgery with water on my 
stomach, then get sick.

Talk to your doctor, CDE, or the doctor's nurse (assistant).  He/she would 
give you the best advice.  My guess, I would think that the few glucose tabs 
you would eat would do more harm to the Trigliceride test than the Lipid 

Please note that I am NOT medically trained.  Consult YOUR experts.

Good luck,
Cee Dee
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