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[IP] Re: Post-college Health Insurance

We went through the same thing with our college student. Some options you may
not have thought of are:
       -the plan you are currently under may allow you to stay covered if you
are at least 50% financially dependent on your parents even if you are not a
full-time student. If you live at home, you would qualify.
       -you may be able to simply transfer your current coverage from
dependent to regular coverage as an adult without having to divulge any
preexisting conditions.
       -if both parents work and have different plans, check to see if the
other plan has different coverage options.
       -colleges often have short-term insurance plans that cover a term or
even up to one year that will ignore preexisting conditions if you have been
insured under another plan prior to joining.
       -if you lose your coverage through no fault of your own, you may
qualify for a COBRA as a former dependent which means your current insurance
must offer you the option to continue on the plan for 18 months. It will be
at a higher rate of course but it may be worth it.

Hope this helps.

Kathy McCord
Bay Area

IDDM 31 years, Pumping 2.5 years
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