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Re: re: [IP] Hard time to my job on the pump.(3 week old Pumper)

 Well you need to decrease your insulin in one way or another, take your pick
and try one method either your basals or your boluses. If its a tremendous low -
what ever that means, then you will need to decrease it a fair amount to start.
But sitting around waiting for the doc is not gonna work - he didn't leave you a
phone number or anything??

 Unless there is a definate pattern of going low after you eat I'd start with
the basals, if your going dangerously low try halfing it, it'd be better to run
high for a few days they to crash from the lows, if you start to run high then
slowly increas the basal till you find the right amount.

 If your just going low(nothing to dangerous) you can try basal testing to see
if its a particular time you drop sudden and then adjust for that but till your
doc gets back I would just work at adjusting the total basal so your at a more
comfortable level and when the doc gets back give him heck!!
 Maybe try to phone your pump company and see who they have to help you, MM gave
me the name and number to my pump trainer/nurse they have in my area, but I've
yet to call her casue I have my own, I would think they may have someone similar
to help in cases like this.


Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> The problem you describe is not one for me to answer.  "Tremendous 
> lows" are
> dangerous and, IMHO, unacceptable. Worse case, I might go back to 
> doing what
> I did before I used a pump until I could again reach my Endo.
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