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Re: [IP] Body Electrical Fields

> This is almost exactly like an urban legend or TV show I saw once.  Are
> sure your parents "friend" isn't them sharing a story about someone they
> "heard about"...and, where they heard it was a show or just an urban
> If, in fact, this guy can't wear a watch because it stops the batteries,
> they do make plenty of wind-up watches that are not affected by electrical
> fields...they are mechanical.

This friend of my parents I have met on many occasions.  His son was in our
diabetic support group and we have known his family for about 17 years.  His
wife and my mother are best friends.  As I stated in the last post, I also
questioned his "problem" and I had him "prove" it by putting on my
watch...which he stopped (it was battery operated).

I am not someone who usually believes something like this, but I did
actually see it happen in person.
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