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Re: [IP] The Chocolate Food Group

Terry said:
>i've been pumping for 2 years, can you teel me how 
to eat choc. and get away with it.<

Gail says:  (I'll apologize now for offending anyone,
this soap box just appeared under my feet and I doubt
I'll NOT take advantage of it.  Oh, and I haven't had
a full cup of coffee yet.)  But, regardless of my
disclaimer, the underlying message would be the same
no matter what.

Back to answering your question...

Trial and error and lots of testing.

Now I'm geting warmed up... What is it that you are
trying to "get away with??"  You are diabetic.  You
have a pump.  What's the problem??

Do you NOT eat certain things because of hold over
guilt from pre-pumping?  Then EAT THEM AND TEST TEST

Since I was on MDI way back in the dark ages (and
doing bicycling and mtn climbing) - I have never
experienced the "how do I get away with it"
phenomenon.  I've always just DONE IT.  One Snickers
bar takes 10 miles on my bike (on MDI).  I arrived at
that equation from trial and error.  Now I can lower
my basal and bike 10 miles and have TWO Snickers bars.
 Woo hoo!! :)

What do you do NOW when you go high from eating
"regular" lunch or dinner or breakfast (Chocolate is
NOT just for breakfast any more). Let me guess, YOU
TAKE A CORRECTION BOLUS, right?  Why would chocolate
be any different???  (I'm assuming you eat not just
pure carbs at meals & snacks, yes?)

What do you do with pizza?  It's worse than chocolate
in my book - but, if you're able to cope with THAT
then you can handle chocolate.

So, my answer?  TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST.  Like every
other normal day. :)

Ooops, nearly fell down when someone kicked that
soapbox out from under me.  (and I'll confess I've
borrowed the soapbox from someone else on the list,
but can't remember who.  Thank you tho).

Terry - take the plunge & enjoy your life!!!

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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