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Re: [IP] Body Electrical Fields

>My parents have a friend who has stopped every watch that has ever been
>strapped to his wrist.  He can't wear a beeper for work because they stop
>working when he attaches them to his waist.  He has had to come up with
>pretty tricky ways of doing his job (Foreman).

This is almost exactly like an urban legend or TV show I saw once.  Are you
sure your parents "friend" isn't them sharing a story about someone they
"heard about"...and, where they heard it was a show or just an urban legend?
If, in fact, this guy can't wear a watch because it stops the batteries,
they do make plenty of wind-up watches that are not affected by electrical
fields...they are mechanical.

>This past week his wife went on vacation and his job was to print their
>taxes and mail them.  You guessed it...he fried the computer.  Luckily he
>was able to finish them by hand.

I'm afraid this example is more coincidental than convincing.  I've fried my
computer before (well, actually only one component of it) without "body
electrical fields" playing into it. Was this the first and only time this
guy has ever touched the computer?  If so, then it is possible that he did
something strange with it since he was not knowledgable.  If he had, then
why hadn't he fried the computer before?

It is true that the body has electrical fields...but nothing that would play
into this idea that certain electrical fields could drain batteries in
certain people faster than others.

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