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Re: [IP] Shingles and diabetes?

Cynthia, Since I haven't seen a full answer to your shingles questions I am
going to assume that your are still waiting.
    A person with the fluid filled blisters may give chicken pox (cp) to a
person who has never had cp and has never received a successful cp vaccine.
The same virus causes both conditions.
    My case ,several years ago, was treated in a standard way with an
antiviral, an anti-inflammatory and, a pain reliever. Early treatment can
reduce the chances of long term discomfort.
    The are several good med. sources on the net. One that is short and to
the point is   <www.aftershingles.com>     Peter

> Hi all and Happy Easter!  yesterday I went in to the
> doctor because I have shingles!  Oweeeee, I am in
> terrible pain here.  I am on valtrex and pain meds,
> but really hurt.  When I went in to the doctor I had
> no lesions yet, but think I may be starting now.  At
> what point am I contagious and do I have to stay home?
>  It is on my chest at the point where my bra line is
> on my right side only.  Is this related to DM?  I jsut
> moved from MN to TN by myself three weeks ago and am
> under a bit of stress..lol.  Is there anything else I
> can do for pain which seems to be associated with my
> nerves.  Any advice or help would be appreciated.
> Blessings Cynthia
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