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Re: [IP] Body Electrical Fields

> Len, you didn't offend me, but this is true.
> My parents have a friend who has stopped every watch that has ever been
> strapped to his wrist.  He can't wear a beeper for work because they stop
> working when he attaches them to his waist.  He has had to come up with
> pretty tricky ways of doing his job (Foreman).
> This past week his wife went on vacation and his job was to print their
> taxes and mail them.  You guessed it...he fried the computer.  Luckily he
> was able to finish them by hand.
> I didn't believe it until I saw it first hand (and I liked that watch).
> Needless to say he will NEVER touch my pump.  :-)

now i understand why we didn't want to let my old boss near any of the
office equipment (photocopier, fax), he had a selective body electric field!
most of the time his cell phone or lap top would work ok, but any time he
went near our office stuff, they would die a horrible (although not
permanent) death.  :)

liz - ottawa, who doesn't seem to have that talent, except when important
papers are due.
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