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[IP] post-college health insurance, help?!

 Hello all, So I've been doing some research on my post-college health insurance
options and I wonder if anyone has any experience or advice or guidance, or
anything that might help. Right now, I'm covered under my parents plan, and 80
percent of my supplies are covered, etc...I;ve been researching a bit and found
out that I can stay on my parents plan until I'm 26, as long as I maintain
status as a full-time student. If I take time off from school between college
and grad school, I'm on my own for health coverage until I return to school, at
which point I can get back on my parents plan (or buy the plan at whatever
university I attend for grad school). I'd like to take a year off before I go to
graduate school, but I'm wondering how feasable this is, or how I could best
make it work. Going without health coverage for 9 months seems risky, but
getting my own plan seems both difficult and expensive, given the fact that I'm
diabetic. I don't really know anything about hea!
  lth insurance...it seems like I could pay out of pocket for 9 months for
diabetes supplies for less money than coverage would cost, but that's only if
nothing major went wrong in the meantime. Ok, I don't really know what questions
to ask. I'm really interested in hearing what other people have dealt with in
terms of insurance coverage or lack thereof. Thanks everyone.Gianna

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