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re: [IP] Hard time to my job on the pump.(3 week old Pumper)

The problem you describe is not one for me to answer.  "Tremendous lows" are
dangerous and, IMHO, unacceptable. Worse case, I might go back to doing what
I did before I used a pump until I could again reach my Endo.

Good luck.

"Blaine Arsenault" wrote:

Hello all just thought I would pass this out to the pros.
 I have been pumping for 3 weeks today, on my Dtron plus and love it . But
Endo has gone for a few weeks and left me in charge , I am very angry at him
as I have been trying to work and am having tremendous lows at work my Basel
rate is .8 from 4am to 10 am and the rest of the time .5. I cover carbs with
1u for every 15grams of carbs and set a temp Basel at 80% while working and
still get those darn lows My job can be very demanding at times and I
the foggiest on what to do. That @#$#$# Endo. Did I rush into the pump to
or what.
  In a 24 hr period I get 13.8 units humalog Basel. I would really like to
here from anyone who has had,or is having this problem what you have done. I
am a 37 year old male not a big guy still have my high school weight ,well
almost gained a few pounds since on the pump and my average BG is at 130
(7.1mmols) compare to 235 (13.0) 4 weeks ago. So I do no that the pump is
working . And will not stop pumping. Thanks all and god bless
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