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Re: [IP] Hard time to my job on the pump.(3 week old Pumper)

I'm a veteran of 3 months!  Maybe that gives me room to talk.

Didn't your endo leave a backup person to call when you needed help?  Does
Dtron have clinical personnel to turn to?  What about a CDE?

I wish you luck.  There is no good or bad time to start.  You just do.  But,
like riding a bicycle, it sure would be nice to have someone along side in
case you start falling over.

Best wishes.


It doesn't seem very fair to leave you adrift after only three weeks of

> Hello all just thought I would pass this out to the pros.
>  I have been pumping for 3 weeks today, on my Dtron plus and love it . But
> Endo has gone for a few weeks and left me in charge , I am very angry at
> as I have been trying to work and am having tremendous lows at work my
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