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Re: [IP] Shingles and diabetes?

>>> I went in to the doctor because I have shingles!  Oweeeee, I am in
terrible pain here.  I am on valtrex and pain meds,
but really hurt.  When I went in to the doctor I had
no lesions yet, but think I may be starting now.  At
what point am I contagious and do I have to stay home?
<snip> Is there anything else I
can do for pain which seems to be associated with my

I have never heard that shingles is contagious. It is an inflamation of the
nerve endings but is associated with Chicken Pox. Part of the *joy* of
having shingles is the pain and discomfort. I believe it is more or less an
autoimmune disease so the sufferer suffers but isn't a carrier. Your medical
team is the one to contact for the latest comforts in dealing with this
malady. Best wishes to you, dear.

Jan - who had shingles on her chest at age 18 - a longggggg time ago.
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