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Don't read the following if you think that the internet is free and 
email works all of the time without any effort.

Everyone on this list has a mailbox and thus will have SPAM sent to 
you.  The only way to keep SPAM out is to never use your email 
{righttt!!!!!}    That said, how do you deal with it?????

                             DO  NOT  BLOCK  EMAIL!!!!!!

When you block email, it bounces back to the sender and that only 
confirms your address to spammers.  It also causes MAJOR difficulties 
for the volunteer staff at IP that tries to be sure you continue to 
receive mail.  Instead of blocking, use your trash can!   You can 
create filters in most email programs to automagically dump such spam 
into your trash without having to bother with it.  This includes the 
few who feel that certain other members posts are nothing more than 
Spam.  If you don't want to read what email @ redacted writes, then 
filter those posts to your trash.  DO NOT BLOCK them because a 
volunteer will have to deal with that bounce and more than likely, 
that will get you un-subscribed.

It's your trash can, don't end up putting yourself inside it.  Use 
your trash can wisely and continue to receive Insulin-Pumpers email.

George Lovelace
IP Mail Administrator
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: