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[IP] Re: definition of arthritis

>Re: [IP] Re:definition of arthritis

Phoenix Said:
>I never thought so many things could mimic arthritis pain.  Phoenix

This has been an interesting thread for me.    Recently, I have been having 
a lot of pain in the joints of my toes, my ankles and my knees.  The past 
couple of days, my right knee has been swollen.  (Of course, with foot pain, 
the first thing I thought of was neuropathy, but I don't have any signs of 
that, according to the doc I saw last week.)

I haven't been taking any new meds lately, but I am beginning to think this 
is part of a stress response.  (I know that there aren't too many others out 
there that have the same physical responses to stress as I do, but it might 
be worth considering as a fctor as well.)

Weird Jenn
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