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Re: [IP] Re: Low Carb and Type 1 Diabetes

> My usual plan is that I run my basel rates very high (.85) most of the day
> and bolus very little to cover my meals.

We are all different.  We do what is best for us.
My 6AM-10AM basals are 1.5, 1:8 insulin/carb ratio, be it a 24.9-42 carb
breakfast.  1.2 until midnight, 1.1 1 & 2AM, 1.2 3AM to 6AM, my fastings are
I guess you could say portion control of regular diet is what is working for
A1c was 6.9, down from low carbing 7.2 one.
 I was 6.8 pre-pump, very low carb--starving! 7.4 after pump so slowly am going
back down. I do expect periodic adjustments as I am a Type 2 insulin
insuffient.   Linda K
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