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Re: [IP] The beach and pump

Hi Karen,

Did your blood sugars go up after you had had your pump off for awhile, or
did the exercise of being in the ocean keep your blood sugars down?

I  remember now about people having to eat before exercising and it never
occurred to me that frolicking in the he water would do the same thing.



> We go to Daytona Beach every summer.  Last summer was my first pumping
> vacation and it was WONDERFUL.  In the morning, I'd disconnect and leave
> pump in the room, come back at lunch time, have lunch, re-connect, and
> to the beach.  If I got in the water, I'd disconnect and put in a zip loc
> and put it in the cooler.  Last summer, we went to Mexico and stayed on
> beach and basically I just wore my pump everywhere and if I got in the
> I'd disconnect and put in a ziploc bag, put it under my towel and off I
>  I kept alcohol wipes in the ziploc bag for re-connecting.  Never had a
> problem.
> Karen
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