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Re: [IP] Re: Low Carb and Type 1 Diabetes

 In a message dated 4/18/03 8:18:10 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>I have been on a low carb diet  for two months and I am amazed at the
>results.   Has anyone else found this to be helpful  in managing their

Yes, I have been doing the Atkins Diet and it is remarkable how even
everything is! But, I think it would be impossible without the pump.


Dear Susan and Teresa,

Actually, I think everything's easier with a pump, but I did the low carb
thing when I was first diagnosed with Type II, before insulin.  I kept my
sugars under control by eating less than 60 carbs per day.  I still eat less
than 80, but at least now I have added a little fruit back (only tart fruit
like berries and 1/2 a green apple).  Still don't eat bread, pasta,
potatoes, rice, processed cereal of any kind.  It's just easier, I am sooooo
carb sensitive that I spike immediately into the 200s, and it takes too long
to get it down.  Doesn't matter what I bolus, how I bolus -- it just spikes.
My usual plan is that I run my basel rates very high (.85) most of the day
and bolus very little to cover my meals.  If I do bolus more, I do it over
time, because of the way protein hits me.  This seems to keep my A1C under
7.0 (6.8 last time although it's lower when I'm better with my exercise
plan) and I try not to let my post prandial BG rise above 140.  By the way,
I have been low carbing for 5 years with liver, kidneys in good shape.  Good
luck to you, and let's say a prayer for Dr. Atkins who died this week from a
blow to his head during a fall.  Poor man.

Love, Margaret
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