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Take Lantus advice with a grain of salt.  If your basal rates fluctuate
widely during the day, especially at night, then Lantus may not work
very well at all for some diabetics.

My experiences with Lantus weren't great because of the amount of insulin
I require for basal needs during the first 3-4 hours of sleep.  I have about
6 basal rates during a 24 hour period that range from .95 u/hr during the
day to to 2.0 u/hr at night.   Lantus isn't capable of being this flexible and
if I took enough of it to take care of my nighttime basal needs, I'd run low
all day.  I know, I tried it before going on the pump.

This of course needs to be said, and I hate the fact that I have to do it
to keep from getting jumped on, but... YMMV.


--- Belle Woods <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Dianna
> There is a new insulin that is long lastting and you take it once a day this
> works like the basel on the pump,in than you take short acting insulin
> before meals like the bolus.  It work really well if you have to go off the
> pump.
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> > For Cathy:
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> > I was thinking that yesterday: that soon there are going to be people who
> > were never on injections, just pumps.  My husband was on two shots / day
> > before going on the pump.  We wouldn't have a clue on how to put him on
> > multiple injections, is something happened to the pump.  It took long
> > enough to get the pump working right.  It would take just as long to get
> > insulin from injections fine-tuned, if we ever did try multiple daily
> > injections!
> >
> > If you wear your pump in a pouch or on a belt, maybe, you'll look like a
> > career woman who has to be hooked up to the office at all times!  A VIP!
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