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[IP] Re: insulin antibody

> <<Anyway, next time I go, she is taking another a1c, glucose, thyroid and
> insulin antibody test.
> Anyone else experience this or heard of it?>>

Hi Kathy,
       One endo that Claire saw in Toronto, turned down my request for an 
insulin antibody test.  She said it would tell her nothing, but I think 
really she meant that she didn't understand what she could do with such 
information.  She also turned us down for a pump, so we quickly went 
       Please share your results about this when you get them.  This topic 
comes up now and again and I'm always interested in it.  Were you prone to 
lipohypertropy on injections?  This can go hand in hand with insulin 
Barbara, Mum of Claire -- now 9 pumping 2 years.
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