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Re: [IP] back to the Emla Cream

My own personal approach has been that I've been pumping since Dec. 30,
2002.  I have changed a bunch of sets before ever hearing about Emla Cream.

Because it is (to me) more painful to change a site than it is to inject
insulin I will sometimes hold off on changing sites.

Of course, all things are relative.  To me changing that site is more
painful than an injection, but it is less painful than hitting my thumb with
a hammer.

That being said, I will be looking into getting Emla Cream!


> Ok, I'm dying to know...
> For the parents that have children with D, or those who use Emla
> a) Was Emla used from the start with infusion sites without first knowing
>    it hurt too much?
>         OR
> b) Was it determined that infusion insertion was too painful,
>    then Emla was started?
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