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[IP] Re: Low Carb and Type 1 Diabetes

>I have been on a low carb diet  for two months and I am amazed at the
>results.   Has anyone else found this to be helpful  in managing their

Yes, I have been doing the Atkins Diet and it is remarkable how even
everything is! But, I think it would be impossible without the pump.


Yes, I eat low carb and my BG's are much more even.  Most of my carbs
consist of non-starchy vegetables. As far as eating this way without a pump,
while I was still on MDI's waiting to start my pump, I switched to this way
of eating and it was so much better!  Prior to that I had large swings in my
blood sugars and was becoming paranoid as to what my readings would be after
a meal since I had such unpredictable insulin absorption.  I would spike
after a starchy meal and drop really low 4-5 hours after my Humalog was
supposed to be finished working. The less insulin I had to take to cover any
carbs, the easier it was to stay even and not worry about the outcome.  My
TDD is cut in half when I eat low carb and based on my experience, it's
possible without a pump, if not preferable.  A pump actually makes it easier
for me to eat more carbs.

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