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[IP] definition of arthritis

email @ redacted writes:
>When I was feeling that way last year (muscle pain, feeling like 
>serious overuse even from a simple walk), someone asked me if I was 
>taking any new medicines.  It then occurred to me the problem more or 
>less coincided with doubling my dosage of Zocor.  When I was taken off 
>Zocor, it went away.  Are you taking a statin?
>I am tolerating Lipitor much better.
>Linda Z

  I've had some similar experiences. For several years I had lots of joint pain.
Drs tested me for RA several times but it came back negative. The pain spread to
my hands and was becoming a real problem. Last fall I discovered I was lactose
 intolerant, when I stopped eating diary the joint pain went away! I tried
eating a little bit again and the pain returned.
  For the last month I was taking birth control pills to try to control my
endometriosis. I started having bad tendinitis in my hands and elbow. I thought
I was getting some kind of D complication. Towards the end he pain was so bad it
was hard to
 write or eat. I stopped taking the birth control pills on Monday because they
were making me an emotional wreck. I was crying at the sight of flowers because
the were "so pretty"! I also had a headache all the time and could not think
 The pain in my joints went away completely in a matter of hours! It is so nice
to feel like my self again, though I feel like I had the flue or some thing. The
period I got was no cake walk, so it was not helping my endometriosis either.
 it's time to go back to the Dr. I never thought so many things could mimic
arthritis pain.
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