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Re: [IP] Low Carb and Type 1 Diabetes

Theresa, I also feel that lower carbs are the solution to managing my
diabetes because if you think about it - a person doesn't need as much carbs
getting older. Kids need carbs for growth and athletes need carbs for
stamina. I know I need a certain amount to maintain my energy for the day or
between meals - my challenge is picking the carbs that taste good and will
keep my hunger satisfied until the next meal. Whole wheat breads are my
favorite - as long as they are fresh because the breads certainly taste
bland when they are getting day-old stale. I have been also experimenting
with wheat and spinach-blend pastas. They really are not bad-just need a
little more spaghetti sauce in my opinion! Take care and continue eating
healthy - changes can happen when taken one step at a time! Sharon B. -in
five more days I will connect to my paradigm (I will hold off sending back
my 507 C until I really need to)
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> I have been on a low carb diet  for two months and I am amazed at the
> results.   Has anyone else found this to be helpful  in managing their
> diabetes?
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