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[IP] Re:definition of arthritis

On Friday, April 18, 2003, email @ redacted wrote:

> What technically is arthritis? is it a pain in the muscles, or in the 
> joints?
> What is it when you have severe pain in the muscles all the time.
> As if you exercised the pervious day and you have all that lactic acid
> built up  in your muscles.
When I was feeling that way last year (muscle pain, feeling like 
serious overuse even from a simple walk), someone asked me if I was 
taking any new medicines.  It then occurred to me the problem more or 
less coincided with doubling my dosage of Zocor.  When I was taken off 
Zocor, it went away.  Are you taking a statin?

I am tolerating Lipitor much better.

Linda Z
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