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Re: [IP] back to the Emla Cream

Ok, I'm dying to know...

For the parents that have children with D, or those who use Emla themselves,

a) Was Emla used from the start with infusion sites without first knowing if 
   it hurt too much?
b) Was it determined that infusion insertion was too painful,
   then Emla was started?

I'm just wondering whether the idea that it's too painful to insert
an infusion site without an anasthetic is a conditioned response (because
it looks painful) or as a response to actual pain?

--- Cari Goossens <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My son uses Ametop Gel...works in 30 minutes, however most pharmacies do not
> keep it in stock so I am using Emla in the meantime while waiting for the
> Ametop order to arrive....the nice thing about it too is it is packaged in
> single doses (but unit to cost it is more expensive - ok if covered under
> insurance I suppose).
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