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Re: [IP] Re: School Help Needed ASAP!!! Compromised Immune System

> Plus he
> suffers from chronic sinusitis,  sinus infections,  sinus headaches,
> headaches, and migraines.

The sinus trouble -- I had chronic sinus infections for a couple of years
and was helped immensely when I went to an ENT who did nasal surgery.  Feel
free to disregard here, but thought I'd throw that out.

> Plus he missed more than a month total from pump failures.
> They wouldn't allow him in the building on multiple injections
> when his pumps failed.    And we went through a total of
> 17 pumps this school year before switching companies.    So
> each of those occasions meant 1-3 days off school till the new
> pump came.

I am so GLAD you got that replaced!  SEVENTEEN?!  Guess I lost track after
twelve!  How were you able to get a replacement?

I think Animas should be a BIG help for that.  I know they will often have
their sales rep or CDE bring a replacement within a few hours.  Hope it
works out MUCH better for you.

It seems ridiculous to me not to let him come to school on MDI.  I doubt
they were so restrictive before you got the 508!  If he could handle MDI
pre-pump, he should be able to handle it now.  It sounds like the school
nurses truly ARE idiots.  As soon as you are comfortable with Zachary taking
care of himself, he'd probably be better off without school personnel
knowing about the occasional high.

Then again, there may be beaurocratic red tape in the public schools about
this that I'm not even aware of.  I was in a small private school as a
diabetic teen, and the school was more than willing to accommodate my needs
as laid out by my parents.  No school nurse ever breathed down my back,

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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