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I lived in Miami Fl when I started pumping.  I wore my pump to the beach many 
times with no problems.  I just unhooked--yeah, sometimes it could get a 
little embarrassing--put the pump in a spare cooler or my fanny pack, swam 
for a while, checked blood sugar to see if I needed to bolus and went on my 
way.  Yes, it is a little daunting a task, but you know what,  I do the same 
thing at my backyard pool!!!!!  I hope you enjoy your summer at the beach!!!! 
 Just remember to check those blood sugars as you know, the sun and heat can 
play havoc on the levels.

Debbie and Maggie IP  (now in beautiful Western KY)
dx 3/63 at age 8
pumping 3/00
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