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Re: [IP] Medications and Supplements

> I'm not trying to start a discussion where I'm whining about taking the
> NECESSARY medications, just about how to effectively manage the
> number of elective supplements and still get the good benefits.  Are there
> combination pills of diabetic friendly supplemenets offered that give
>  good results?

Obviously, I'm not a doctor, and the best person to ask about this is your
doctor.  But I'm wondering if some of those pills you are taking are
duplicated in your multivitamin?  If so, you may be dumping a lot of it in
your urine.

I would check your multivitamin and see if it includes some of those things
like the calcium, the B vitamin, and possibly even the Omega 3.  How much is
recommended?  How much are you getting?  If there is duplication there, quit
taking some!  Also see about how much of any new supplement is needed, too,
and check the vitamin before adding it to your number of pills.

Again, though, check with your doctor.  There are some vitamins and minerals
which, while helpful in the right proportions, can be toxic if taken in
excess, so it is worthwhile to see what the doctor has to say about what you
are taking and what you are considering.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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